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Washington, DC: A Photographer’s Paradise, on Zoom!

Join WPS for a Safari that Highlights Why DC is a Photographer's Paradise!

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You know about the monuments, museums, and historic places in the nation’s capital, right?

But did you know that we also have waterfalls, bears, lions, and tigers, gardens, magnificent cathedrals, haunted houses, river cruises, colorful street festivals, mural art, snowball and pillow fights, a cherry blossom tree that looks like Eleanor Roosevelt, and a statue “honoring the men of the Titanic who gave up their lives so that the women and children could be saved”? Bet you didn’t know that!

Did you know that in a city full of war memorials we also have a beautiful multi-million dollar building dedicated to the study of peace, whose roof is shaped like the wings of a dove, the bird of peace? Bet you didn’t know that!

Yes, we have all of this, making Washington, DC a great place to take pictures!

This Safari, designed by a professional architectural photographer for photographers, takes you through dozens of images of the nation’s capital with many places that you know, and many places that you do not know, and gives you the photographic information on each image that will help you take postcard-ready images with your own camera!

Conducted on Zoom with a shared screen, this Safari is led by Paris-trained Washington Photo Safari director E. David Luria who will point out for each picture, where, when, how, and why the photo was taken. Throughout the image presentation you are invited to ask any questions about photography in Washington.

The Nation’s Capital is our Capital, our taxes have paid for many of the photogenic delights that greet our cameras, so this is Safari is an invitation for you to find gorgeous images right here in your own backyard. If you are new to Washington or just visiting, you will find this Safari helpful as a shortcut to get you to where the good pictures are. If you have lived here a long time, you will find locations in this Safari about which you may never have known!

But  WAIT!  There’s more!  At no extra charge you will get access in advance to a Flickrsite that contains the dozens of images displayed in this zoom session.  As you run your cursor over each photo, it’s description title  shows up so you can go there yourself!

Here is what one client had to say about the Zoomfari: “I took David’s Washington, DC: A Photographer’s Paradise, on Zoom! class at home in California before traveling to DC. David gave great examples of where to shoot, when to shoot, composition at certain angles and even shared some creative artistic effects he used at well known locations which took the images to a while new level. The workshop was well worth my time and I feel it empowered me to get the shots I wanted during my short time in DC.” Linda M.

Because This Safari is conducted on Zoom, it is open to people living anywhere in the country or around the world. Join us!