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The Exciting World of iPhone Photography!

Learn how to take great photos with your late model iPhone during a 2-hour Zoomfari!

Quick Details


Whether you have a brand new titanium 48 megapixel iPhone 15 Pro/Max, or even an iPhone 14, 13, or 12, join us for a motivating, 2-hour hands-on workshop via Zoom to learn how to take great photos with your iPhone. Topics include: an introduction to the basic (and advanced) photographic functions of your phone; how to use little know features to drastically improve your photography; and an overview of the most important rules of composition and how/why they affect your photos.

Course Topics:

• Set up and use of the basic photography features of your phones
• Introduction of the advanced shooting features, including ProRAW, photographic styles, Smart HDR 4 (along with high quality Cinematic mode, ProRes and Macro video, Action mode, etc.)
• Shooting in difficult situations (i.e., low light portraiture),
• Using the tremendous editing features of your phones
• Discussion and demo of creative composition tips and suggestions for better results
• Various apps that can complement your iPhone photography (when and why to use)

Here’s what one Zoomfarian had to say about the iPhone Zoomfari:

“So I had the virtual iPhone class with Elody today, and it was fantastic.  Sooooooo much I did not know regarding the photographic capabilities of my IPhone 14 Pro Max!!!”  P. Ellis. Lexington VA