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Spring Eagles at Conowingo

Learn techniques to photograph birds in flight (BIF) in the spring

Quick Details


Conowingo Dam has been known for 20 years as a fall hotspot for bald eagle photography, as birds gather for winter. Over the last 5 years there has emerged a spring season that coincides the spring hickory shad spawning up the Susquehanna River. Bonus: it tends not to be as cold!

This half-day workshop is designed to get participants familiar with Conowingo, as well as teach techniques for Bird-in-flight photography. Instructor Sean Quintillian will review camera settings and panning techniques. Time will be spent on how to support a large telephoto lens, including hand holding and tripod use. Sean will review tripod leg options and gimbal head options and set up.

A telephoto lens of 400mm or longer will achieve best results for this workshop. You can contact Sean for suggestions for rentals.

This is a half day workshop but the eagles are there all day, so you may want to plan to spend the whole day.