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Holiday Decorations at the Hillwood Museum!

Holiday Decorations at the Hillwood Museum! | Washington Photo Safari

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One of the most spectacular (and lesser-known) must-see sites in Washington DC is the Hillwood Museum and Gardens, the former home of Post Cereal (later General Foods) heiress Marjorie Merriwether Post.

Marjorie Merriweather Post posing for a photo

Marjorie Merriweather Post bought Hillwood in 1955 and soon decided her home would be a museum that would inspire and educate the public. Her northwest Washington, D.C. estate endowed the country with the most comprehensive collection of Russian imperial art outside of Russia, a distinguished eighteenth-century French decorative art collection, and twenty-five acres of serene landscaped gardens and natural woodlands for all to enjoy. Opened as a public institution in 1977, today Hillwood’s allure stems from the equally fascinating parts that make up the whole. From the captivating life of Marjorie Post to the exquisitely maintained mansion and gardens, the experience of Hillwood outshines even the Fabergé eggs.

And the museum is especially beautiful at holiday time, so on this photo safari architectural photographer and WPS Director E. David Luria will lead clients from room to gaily decorated room, showing them how to capture designed interiors without flash or tripod, using any camera or phone. Special attention will also focus on close-ups of the Faberge eggs and hand-painted china that she purchased in Russia in the 1930’s.

The admission fee is included in the cost of the safari.

Reminder: Bags and Tripods are not allowed in the museum and must be checked in the coat-check