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Sunset & Timelapse Neutral Density Photography at the Watergate Steps

Use Polarizing and Neutral Density Filters to Capture Sunsets & Timelapse Images

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Join professional photographer Alain Gutierrez as he teaches you how to do timelapse or hyperlapse photography with your phone and/or camera during a sunset on the famous Watergate Steps in Washington, DC that descend from the Lincoln Memorial to the Potomac River.

Timelapses, or hyperlapses, are sequences of images that together create a video. During the 90 minutes that you will be there, you will also be able to take beautiful images of the sunset using a polarized (CPL) or a neutral density (ND) filter. This is a great opportunity to learn and practice the techniques of photography using filters, cellphone timelapse, On-camera exposure, F-stops and shutter speeds, and Long Exposure techniques. Watch the video to see how the images you capture can create a timelapse video!

A polarizing or neutral density (ND) filter is the perfect tool for creating amazing long exposure images by day or by night. For this unique workshop, we suggest you bring 2 tripods, one for the camera and one for the phone, and a phone holder for tripod mount, along with a polarizing filter and an ND 8 or ND 10 filter.

Photo Credit: Alain Gutierrez