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Photographing Spring Flowers at Burnside Farms

Spend the Afternoon Photographing Spring Flowers at Burnside Farms

Quick Details


Located an hour outside of DC in Nokesville, Virginia, Burnside Farms is a small, family-owned farm that plants over 2 million tulip and daffodil bulbs on their 25-acre farm. The farm operates as a “Pick Your Own” farm, so participants will also be able to take home some tulips, daffodils or other spring flowers as part of their entrance fee, which is included in the price of the safari. There are tulips in a wide range of colors and varieties to photograph, some areas are all one color, others are mixed, so there is ample opportunity to practice as many photographic techniques as you would like to try.

The safari will start in the late afternoon, to take advantage of as much of the soft light as possible. Principles of flower photography will be covered:

  • Lighting
  • Composition
  • Depth of field
  • Lens usage to achieve different effects
  • Creative techniques

Along with your camera and equipment, bring a kneeling pad, since we will be getting down close to the flowers. Also bring a tripod, which is helpful when holding a reflector or diffuser.