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Mural and Abstract Street Photography: Murals to the Mundane

Take a trek with WPS through the Shaw Neighborhood, the epicenter of mural art in Washington, DC and photograph abstracts as well as murals!

Quick Details


This safari is designed for digital camera and smartphone users alike! The photo safari begins at 8th Street and Florida Avenue Northwest and we make our way slowly through the streets, photographing all of the colorful mural art that greets us along the way. Instructor Kent Lewis will provide instruction on how one can extract abstract images from colorful murals and the mundane as well as how to photograph the colorful murals around you.

We will find, for example, a memorial to Duke Ellington, the famous jazz pianist who was born in a house in Shaw, we will find colorful swaths of paint on many of the building walls and alleys. Many of the pictures have been done by DC’s premier mural artist, Aneikan Udofia, who has been commissioned by the city to decorate its walls.

Our photo Safari also takes us to the iconic Howard Theater , the Lincoln Theater, and to the famous Ben’s Chili Bowl, the black owned business that survived the 1968 riots and has been a favorite stomping ground for Barack and Michelle Obama.

To give you an idea of the types of abstracts you can make, visit Kent’s website at:

Here are samples of the colorful images you will get on this safari

Along the way we will also photograph the unique African American Civil War Memorial, dedicated to the Black soldiers who fought in the Union Army in order to help defeat the cause of slavery.

Our Safari ends at 16th and U where you will find a huge portrait of one of the most popular women in the country, the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.