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“Lopping And Cropping”: Getting Into the Heart of Your Image, on Zoom!!

Learn how to eliminate unnecessary or distracting backgrounds during the editing process and make your photos stronger!

Quick Details


A guy gets into the barber’s chair and has them take a little off the top and sides, right! Why? Because it makes him look better and gets rid of some unwanted hair!

The same is true of your photographs. Take a look at some of the pictures of your friends, your kids, or your pets that you have on your phone or tablet Now, spread your fingers across the images and crop them, getting in closer in on the faces, eliminating unnecessary or distracting backgrounds. They look better, right? More interesting, more dramatic.

So THAT is what we will do on this Zoom session: lopping and cropping! First, Washington Photo Safari director E. David Luria will discuss some basic principles of good composition, (especially the one about getting in low and close) then he will bring up several of his photographs taken at a recent rally in DC, and, using the Share Screen mode, crop them right on the screen to show what a difference cropping makes in getting to the real story that is in the picture by taking out all elements of the photograph that are not needed. Suddenly a pretty good photo becomes a really good photo!

Finally we will review a set of 3 photos sent in previously by each attending client, and we will crop them right on the screen to see what a difference “lopping and cropping” can make. All of this wizardry is done right in the comfort of your own home!