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Special Nighttime Lighting Inside Washington National Cathedral

The colorful interior lighting display is like nothing you've ever seen!

Quick Details


Washington National Cathedral and Washington Photo Safari are pleased to offer a unique opportunity to photographers: colorful interior nighttime lighting display that mimics the beautiful morning light spilled on to the walls of the Cathedral by its stained glass windows!

Check out the photographs below of what you will be able to capture on this safari


Instructor E. David Luria will guide you through techniques to get the exact white balance (using the Kelvin scale if your camera has it) and the perfect exposure and composition at different angles on this safari, shooting in Manual Mode. After taking pictures inside, we will also go outside to get the illuminated Cathedral at night.

As the sixth largest cathedral in the world, Washington National Cathedral is also one of the world’s most beautiful cathedrals, by day or by night! Begun in 1907, it took 83 years to complete. In 2011, it suffered $35 million in damage by an earthquake, and so it needs all the help we can give to restore the exterior spires to their original glory. Part of your fee includes a donation to the Cathedral.