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Frequently asked questions

Who Should Come

Who should attend?

From beginner to advanced amateur, any photographer will have a great learning experience on our photo Safaris. Professional photographers visiting from other cities will also appreciate the time-saving site scouting we have done at each location. Having lived in the area for many years, we know where all the best pictures are!

May I bring my non-photographer spouse or friend on the Safari?

Except for our twice-daily Cherry Blossom Safaris, we don’t encourage non-photographer accompanying friends, family members or spouses to join you on our Safaris. Your companion may get bored as we work with you on the technical aspects of your camera. We need space for our students on Safaris involving transportation. This is not a tour, it is a photo workshop. Our instructors are trained as professional photographers, not as tour guides. While we do see many of DC’s best sights, our main emphasis is on picture-taking technique. We will provide as much historical information as possible so that you will be able to take pictures that bring out the meaning of the site. We suggest that your plus-one checks out the museums and many attractions of DC, meeting you at the Safari ending point. People interested in seeing the sights should take advantage of any of the excellent guided tour bus options that are available in DC.

Are children allowed to participate on your Safaris?

Yes, definitely. Some of our best clients are children who love to take pictures! One young man with a strong interest in photography since childhood first came on a safari at age 12. Three years later, he has now been on a total of 22 of safaris and he is such an accomplished photographer that he helps us teach the classes!

Minors who themselves really want to learn photography (not just because their parents think it’s good for them) are most welcome to come on most of our safaris accompanied by a parent or guardian. (There is no charge for the parent/guardian, other than transportation)

Who should not attend?

Spouses, friends, children, colleagues, relatives who are NOT interested in photography might be bored in our Safaris, which are not tours but teaching workshops in photography with a lot of talk about F stops, shutter speeds, composition, white balance, ISO settings, lens use and lighting. Our Safaris are not substitutes for the professionally guided tours given by reputable vendors such as Gray Line, Old Town Trolley, Jean Fogle Tours and by many individual licensed tour guides who are experts in the history of the area’s monuments.

Is a Safari only for people with expensive cameras?

No, any camera is fine: point and shoots, single lens reflex, interchangeable lens compacts, even smartphones. We will teach you that great pictures are taken by photographers, not by cameras, and, if you stick with us long enough, we will turn you into a great photographer!