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Stan Schretter

Stan spent over forty years providing technical solutions for complex electronic systems used to support: radar, computers, communications and signal processors. Since 1980, Stan has used computers to create graphical presentations, engineering designs, unique user interfaces, and, more recently, for photographic processing.

Stan has been an active photographer for over 50 years. Since the advent of the digital camera, Stan has combined his interests in the graphical design desktop with photography. Initially, Stan followed the advice of more experienced photographers and used Nikon DSLR camera equipment, but now, has changed to smaller, lighter, and more portable cameras. Today his primary cameras are mirrorless, and include the interchangeable lens Olympus OMD-5E and fixed lens Sony RX-10. In addition to these, Stan has shot with Fujifilm and Panasonic mirrorless products.

For the past ten years, Stan has taught photography classes at the Life-Long Learning Institute affiliated with George Mason University. Many of these classes have helped people learn how to take great photos with the cameras we always have with us, our smartphones.