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David Luria Recommends Visages, Villages

David Luria’s recommendation for a French film about the joy of photography and relationships – Visages, Villages

We do not usually offer movie reviews in these pages but today is an exception!

If you are a photographer, you will love the new French movie Faces, Places (Visages, Villages).

It is the story of a 37 year old photographer who makes friends with an 89 year old woman artist and movie director. Together they travel around France and make HUGE 40′ tall photographs of the people they meet in factories, dockyards, mining villages, and many other places, and then they paste the photographs on the walls of tall buildings, water towers, oil tanker freight cars, and shipping containers, so that all the people they meet are memorialized in a huge photographs.printed on a massive printer that is built into their camera-shaped truck!

From the close-up shots I was able to discern that he used a full-frame Leica digital camera to get the tremendous resolution required for building-wall size prints!

In addition to being a great movie that celebrates the joy and power of photography, it is a very heart warming story of the relationship of two very creative people. No wonder it has an 88% rating on Rotten Tomatoes! Be sure to go see it when it comes to a theater or computer near you!


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