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Dr. Percita Ellis LOVES Washington Photo Safari!

Dr. Percita Ellis on a WPS Safari

Dr. Percita Ellis photographing food at Uptown Market during our Photos Food and Fun photo safari

“One of my favorite past-times is to go on the Washington Photo Safari (WPS) website to see scheduled Safaris that are available. I can honestly say that I check it out at least once a day, and usually a couple of times a day. Ever since Thanksgiving weekend Nov 2021, it has been my “go-to-escape-activity” to which I look forward!!!

In spite of living 200 miles away from the many WPS locations where their photography workshops are done, I plan at least one weekend a month for participation in several safaris over a 2-3 day period.  Having grown up in the DC area before relocating to the SW Virginia area over 20 years ago, I envy those who live closer to such an amazing program. Yet, I have found that I’m not the only one that travels from areas outside the DMV.  I have met participants who come from Norfolk, Va. as well as Texas, Florida, Delaware, and Pennsylvania. That speaks volumes for the amazing photography teaching experience offered by WPS in a wide variety of genres and locations

They are also always adding new opportunities including multi-day safari adventures in places such as distant areas of Virginia, Florida, Pennsylvania, Wyoming and other places in Western parts of the U.S…….and even International Safaris. From monuments, Cathedrals and other architectural venues during the day and at night; on land or on water; outside or inside; animals in the zoo to animals in the wild; ground transportation to photographing air transportation; kids and pets; photographing colorful food presentations, and then being able to eat the food; post photography review and editing; Smartphone to DSLR and Mirrorless cameras ……whew!……what a variety!!!  With a goal of participating in all of the safaris, I enjoy looking over my photographs, having started as a beginner, and seeing the progress I have made….but with still a lot more to learn!!

In my opinion, photography allows one to look at life through many different “lenses and filters”. When one is having difficulty expressing thoughts and feelings in words, it allows another way of expression.  It has a way of bringing people together regardless of age or chosen career. It can be used during times of joy and times of sadness; in the company of others or times of solitude; whether a documentation at journey’s beginning, or a reflection at journey’s end.

Its imprint holds true throughout the “Circle of Life” for generations.

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