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Spring Photography Tips

It won’t be long before Spring arrives, so here is a collection of tips in preparation for Spring Photography:

  • Adjust your White Balance so that the color you see on your LCD screen matches what you see with your eyes!
  • Adjust the settings on your camera to take into account the change in lighting – the angle of the sun’s rays changes with every season
  • Use a Polarizing Filter to make the beautiful spring colors more vibrant.
  • Use longer lenses to compress large carpets of flowers.
  • Use extension tubes to get even more background blur.
  • Try using a specialty lens such as wide angle lens or a Lensbaby to add a different “look” to your photos.
  • Bring a piece of black cardboard or cloth, hold it in back of the flower to get a deep “blackground”.
  • In addition to all the flowers in bloom, spring is the perfect time to capture budding trees, wildlife, people and pets enjoying the beautiful weather.
  • If you’re shooting in the bright sun, use a fill flash to compensate for the harsh shadows.
  • Alternatively, you can use a white reflector to diffuse the light over your subject,  like a softbox in a studio.
  • If it is overcast, go out and shoot flowers or street scenes! Gray skies may not be good for landscape or architectural photography, but it provides soft, even light without harsh shadows which is perfect for photographing flowers, people and pets.
  • Eliminate the horizon in your photos of flowers.
  • Pan the camera up or down to create an abstract look.
  • Look for symmetrical shapes, repeating patterns and unusual viewpoints.
  • Change your perspective – get low and close for an intimate view or go high for a wider perspective.
  • Do some research and plan ahead to know where the best locations are for photographing spring scenes.
  • In addition to that one shot you envision, keep an open mind about what you want to shoot – it will allow you to see the beauty all around you.
  • Join us for our Orchids and Artwork safari at the National Portrait Gallery!

Send us your springtime shots – we’d love to see them! Happy Spring shooting!

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