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The HoodMan Loupe

The HoodMan Loupe

The HoodMan Loupe

Hi, this is David Luria, the founder of the Washinton Photo Safari.

I have a great job, lots of fun. I take people around the monuments in Washington. I show them how to use their cameras. And I was out the other day with a group of my clients, we were at the Einstein statue which is on 22nd and Constitution in Washington, DC down by the National Mall.  The statue faces south and so all of my clients were pointing their cameras at the statue and taking pictures of it. But they had trouble seeing their pictures on their screens because the sun was behind them shining right onto their LCD screen, making it very hard to see what they had actually taken.

So, there is a solution for that kind of problem which faces all of us when we are doing outdoor photography – especially on sunny days. It’s called the HoodMan Loupe which is a rubber eye-cup with an adjustable eye-piece. You hang it with a cord around your neck. You take the picture. You place the rubber eye-cup over your screen and cup itself blocks out the sun, and you have a nice, clear, clean, sharp view of the picture that you’ve just taken. You can see whether it’s too dark, or too light,  whether you got the white balance right. Whether you like the composition. You can see the histogram.  You can really evaluate your picture, saving you the trouble of having to do later work in post-processing by getting it right the first time.

It’s the HoodMan loupe and it’s available on Amazon, here.

(Note: We do receive a small commission if you purchase it through the link provided).

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