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Overview of DC: The View of DC at Twilight

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Overview of DC: A Photo Safari from the Central Place Tower Observation Deck!

If you are sitting on the right side of your plane, you see the Arlington Skyline and then the Pentagon. If you are lucky enough to sit on the left side of the plane, you see all the beautiful monuments and the Capitol on the National Mall. Your view lasts about 20 seconds and then it’s gone! If the plane’s wing is not in the way, you might even get a picture!

Now you can experience that view at your leisure with your feet planted firmly on the ground, AND get beautiful pictures at the same time by joining us for this exciting new photo Safari from the 35th floor rooftop Observation Deck of the Central Place Building Tower in Arlington VA, just slightly west of the airplane flight paths.

We have arranged an exclusive Washington Photo Safari visit to the Tower, giving you a 360 degree view for about 50 miles in either direction from windows that are even at a higher elevation than the Washington Monument!

To the Southeast there is the Pentagon and National Airport. To the northeast you see the beautiful National Mall with all the monuments. To the north you see the Kennedy Center, the Watergate complex, the Potomac River, Roosevelt Island, Washington Harbor, Georgetown University and, in the far distance, Washington National Cathedral. It is a comprehensive angle view of DC even better than that seen from the Washington Monument!

Here is what the view of DC looks like at twilight from the tower:


The 12,000 square foot Central Place Tower Observation Deck has two levels, one is an outside level with huge 10 feet tall and 3 inch thick glass panels designed to keep you from falling down into the city but, as a favor to photographers, they have graciously put 3-inch wide gaps in between the panels that are just wide enough for a camera lens to look through and get an unobstructed view of the city!

We do daytime and nighttime Photo Safaris from this location at various times of the year.

Our Safari begins with a brief orientation on architectural photography by Washington Photo Safari director E. David Luria, as we meet outside the Rosslyn Metro station, right across North Lynn Street from the Central Place tower. We will walk around Rosslyn and go to the Key Bridge to photograph Georgetown and DC along the Potomac.

We then return to the Central Place tower and rise up the elevators which themselves offer great views of the city as they zip up to the 35th floor.

We will spend an hour up in the tower taking as many pictures as you like as Mr. Luria guides you in composition, exposure, white balance and other settings to give you the best pictures.

True to our tradition of only taking you to the BEST places in town for photography, this safari is available only to the first 7 photographers who apply.

Recommended equipment: DSLR or mirrorless camera with adjustable shutter speeds, Manual Mode, wide and long lenses. We also recommend a $58 Lens Skirt available from B and H Photo Video to block reflections of lights in the windows when shooting through them, If you do not have one, Mr, Luria will lend you his!

Meet just outside of Rosslyn Metro station exit on N. Lynn Street, Blue/Orange/Silver Lines. Limited street parking is available, local parking lots are available. Address of Central Place Tower is 1201 Wilson Blvd., enter on N. Lynn Street, Arlington VA.