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WPS Planning Survey Results

WPS Planning Survey

Many many thanks to all of you who took the time to complete the Survey that was circulated with the newsletter earlier this month. It provided us with valuable insight that will enable us to create a schedule of safaris that caters to the genres of photography and the most popular locations requested by our valued clients -YOU! Here are the highlights of the survey:

The top categories of photography are:

  1. Nature and Wildlife Photography: 59.5%
  2. Nighttime and Moonrise Photography: 54.8%
  3. Architectural Photography: 51.2%
  4. Monuments, Memorials, Historic Structures: 46.4%
  5. Tied at 39.9%:
    –  Church and Stained Glass
    –  Fireworks Photography
    –  Sunrise Photography
    –  Travel Photography/Faces and Places

The top locations for photography are:

  1. Shenandoah National Park: 40.5%
  2. National Zoo: 38%
  3. Tied at 34.2%:
    –  Alexandria, VA
    –  Franciscan Monastery
    –  Washington National Cathedral
  4. Tied at 31.6%:
    –  Baltimore Inner Harbor
    –  New York City
  5. Tied at 30.4%:
    –  White House
    –  FDR Memorial/Tidal Basin
    –  Dumbarton House/Gardens

Many of the comments received form respondents liked safaris that provided access to places that are not normally open to the public or access before it opens to the public.

And, of course, more nature-oriented/outdoor offerings were requested. Based on these results, new safaris are “in the works”…Please be patient – it takes time to scout new locations and plan these safaris!

The safaris will be announced using the WPS social media channels as they are posted on the website.

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