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Samsung Galaxy Owners of the World, Unite! A Virtual Photo Safari on Zoom For YOU!

Learn about all the cool features available on your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone without having to install any apps!

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Samsung Galaxy Owners of the World, Unite! You Have Nothing To Lose But Your Brains! A Virtual Photo Safari on Zoom For YOU!

Do you feel that you are surrounded on all sides by iPhone users? It’s true, they outnumber you, but you can be content that you made the right choice in choosing a Samsung Galaxy smartphone, whether it is a Galaxy 10, 20, 22 or the newest 23!

Why? Because it does so many things better than the iPhone right out of the box, without having to download any apps! Don’t believe it? Check out the photo above, shot with a Galaxy S8 phone. Still don’t believe it? Read on!

  • Did you know, for example, that you have a Pro Mode with Kelvin color temperature meter right there on that phone without downloading a new app? A meter that actually tells you the color temperature of the light just by sliding a button left and right? iPhones don’t doo dat! (In film days you used to have to pay hundreds of dollars for a color temperature meter to give you Kelvin temperature!) You can use your Samsung’s meter to set the correct Kelvin temperature in your DSLR or mirrorless camera, too.
  • Did you know that the new Galaxy S20 has 64 megapixel resolution, equivalent to DSLR or mirrorless cameras costing $5,000 and up? 64MP!
  • Did you know that you can blur the background, blur the foreground or sharpen both foreground and background with a slider, without downloading a new app? Yes, you can!
  • Did you know that you can achieve adjustable shutter speeds of up to 1/ 2000 thousandth of a second and down to 30 seconds, raise or lower the ISO, shoot fast motion and slow motion with your Galaxy phone? And set Auto HDR for exposure? Yes, you can!
  • Did you know there are special modes for Food Photography and Nighttime Photography?
  • Did you know the new S20 has a wide angle mode equivalent to 18 mm on a full frame camera and a 30x power telephoto zoom? Yes, it does!
  • Did you know that you can turn on grid lines to achieve straight verticals? Did you know there is a distortion control feature in the Edit menu that allows you to straighten out the sides of your angled building shots AND that there are also edit controls for hue, saturation exposure, brightness, and white balance? Yes, there are!
  • Did you know that you have an Exposure Compensation slider that allows you to darken or lighten the image before you push the button?
  • Did you know that you can crop the image and adjust and brighten it with a simple click after you take the picture?
  • Did you know that you have a superb Auto mode that does an excellent job of reading exposure and white balance?
  • Finally, did you know that you can take the picture without touching the phone by just saying “Cheese!” or “Smile!” ? Yes, you can!

AND, in addition to all of that, the camera lens is SUPERB in its sharpness of focus and color contrast!

All of this comes included with your phone, no apps needed!

Washington Photo Safari director and Samsung Galaxy user E. David Luria can show you how to take full advantage of all the things your Galaxy smartphone does if you join us on this photo safari right in the comfort of your home on Zoom, where we will put your phone through all its exposure, focus and white balance paces and also give you a few tricks on photographic composition so that all the pictures taken with your phone can be better!

Here is what one safarian had to say about the Galaxy Zoomfari:
 The expertise shared was 100% eye-opening; completely new to me. Knowledge delivered and examples were shown in a clear, patient and helpful way.  Hollis C., Evanston, IL

Samsung Galaxy users, hold your heads high, you can pity those friends who use an iPhone – you can rest assured you have made a wise choice! We will help you find out why!

iPhone users! There is hope for you. Defect! Get a Galaxy!