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Virtual Street Photography Zoom Session With a Pulitzer-Prize Winning Photographer

Learn The Photojournalist’s Approach to Street Photography on Zoom!

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A photojournalist is a visual storyteller. And as such, we tell stories with a series of photos and/or with one photo at a time. Street Photography is in essence a bit of photojournalism.

Washington Photo Safari is pleased to present this new virtual safari in Street Photography. We are honored to have it taught by two-time Pulitzer-Prize winning photojournalist: Essdras M Suarez whose photo-review webinar was recently named among the top 10 webinars to watch in 2020 by one of the premieres photo storage and photo sharing site for amateurs and professionals alike, Photoshelter.

Essdras will help you not only to make better images but to also help you tell stories with your images. This will allow you to create more interesting and complex images, which in turn will gain the attention of your audience and help you gain the recognition you deserve.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are bringing this safari right into the comfort of your own home, with a 2 hour Zoom session that will give you many opportunities to learn how you can become a better street photographer by learning techniques such as how to shoot from the hip, how to make micro-adjustments without tracking your subjects, getting in low and close. In other words, grabbing every photo opportunity as quickly as they come up, as in this photo.



Washington, DC 092416 Washington Photo Safari led by Pulitzer prizewinner photographer Essdras M Suarez/ EMS Photography©

During this workshop Essdras will present you with a series of his own photos and thoroughly explain why they work. He’ll explain what techniques he used in their making, and how you can apply these to your own photo making process.

During this program, Essdras will also review your photos and offer his expert opinion, commentary and his constructive critique of your images. He will tell you about the things you are doing that work and of the ones that do not work. Because this photo review will be done as a group (it is completely up to the individual whether their photos remain anonymous or not) you will also learn by getting a glimpse into the insight of how others approach their photo making process.

Among the things you will learn during these presentations:

• You’ll learn how to see the world around you anew.
• You’ll learn to observe human interaction as well as how they relate to their surroundings.
• You’ll learn to pay close attention to the quality of light as it strikes people and inert structures; thus, affecting the feel of a photograph.
• You’ll learn how to capture those candid moments that tell the story of human interaction.
• You’ll learn to recognize patterns within the chaos and the mundane of everyday life.
• You’ll learn to pay attention to light and how it affects your photo subjects.
• You’ll learn to observe and analyze human behavior and interaction.
• You’ll learn to quickly recognize and anticipate the decisive moment at which to push the shutter.
• You’ll learn to recognize groupings in design and in our general surroundings.
• You’ll learn to visually interpret what you see through your photographic device in new and interesting ways by changing your angles and perspective; thus, shifting your visual paradigm.
• You’ll learn to quickly apply principles of composition, leading lines, rule of thirds, the concept of “layering,” and to recognize points of entry within your composition.
• You’ll learn to use techniques such as “shooting for the highlights,” and “wrap-around composition” and others in order to create more sophisticated images.
• You’ll also learn what equipment is best suited to this type of photography and when you travel, and how to use this equipment in a way that does not invade the personal space or privacy of your subjects.