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iPhonography! A Zoom Session On the Features of the iPhone!

Learn How to Use Your iPhone to Take Photos Like You Take With Your Camera!

Quick Details


Washington Photo Safari is pleased to announce a new Zoom safari on the photographic features of the Apple iPhone, conducted by retired electrical engineer and iPhone expert Stan Schretter.

Over the last few years, the improvements made in iPhone photography have been huge, culminating in the powerhouses on the market today.

This safari is designed to assist owners of any iPhone model, but will also showcase  the iPhone 12 Pro Max, which can take great-looking photos, panoramas, high resolution Dolby videos and even performs pretty well in low light. It has a set of built-in lenses that range from a very wide to short telephoto viewpoint. Its large camera sensor is nearly as capable as the Sony RX100 expensive point and shoot camera.

Unless you want very large 30×20 prints, it is often difficult to tell the photos shot with this iPhone from those shot with a mirrorless camera. The iPhone is an all- in -one camera system. You don’t need to buy lenses for it, and you can get additional apps to boost its functionality, some of which are actually free. and even The stock Camera apps for each iOS are updated to become more feature-rich over time so you will get great photos with older iPhone models.

This photo safari on Zoom will focus on three areas of iPhone photography:

  • How to set up and use the basic features built into the iOS camera,
  • Provide an introduction to advanced features such as the new high  quality ProRAW mode and the new high quality Dolby video,
  • Illustrate how the iPhone can create shots previously reserved for DSLR photography, such as long exposure shots for creating smooth water and making people in a room disappear so you can capture the architecture and not the crowd of people.

So make sure your iPhone has iOS 14 installed and prepare for an exciting journey with Stan to enhance your iPhonography.