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Adobe Photoshop I

Learn about the Fundamental Features of Photoshop in two 7-hour sessions

Quick Details


This 14-hour, 2-session beginner course taught by Photoshop expert Elody Crimi will teach you all the fundamental features of Photoshop so that you can create great looking, creative images. Topics include: how to navigate Photoshop and Bridge, organize and customize your workspace, use essential Photoshop tools to edit, modify and repair images, refine your images by creating adjustment layers and layer masks, and how to manage your files in a production workflow (importing, exporting, organizing and saving images). Prerequisite: Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom Bootcamp (or comparable experience) is recommended, but not mandatory.

Course Topics

Session One

· Overview of the Photoshop and Bridge tools and panels
· How to establish a good workflow
· Basic editing tools for retouching and color correction (both Raw and JPEG)
· Cropping and rotating
· How to use and make selections (various options)
· Discovering layers (creating, naming, adjustments)
· Importing, exporting and organizing files
· How to move between Lightroom and Photoshop

Session Two

· Review of prior session – tools, selections and layers
· How to use the brushes (change settings, etc.)
· Using the clone stamp and healing tools
· Working with adjustment layers and layer masks
· Refining images using advanced tools
· Managing your files (importing, exporting, organizing, and saving images)

Here’s what one of the students had to say about the class:

Elody was extremely knowledgeable on Photoshop and was able to answer all my questions throughout both days.  I also thought the manner in which she presented the material was spot on for someone learning how to use Photoshop for the first time…

  I also appreciated the amount of hands-on computer time which was extremely helpful for learning the material. ..   The handouts were useful….  The exercises were also very helpful .starting with doing some basic things and working our way up to more challenging things …

 The classroom setting was great. A very quiet setting, so it was easy to focus and concentrate on learning the material.  I really enjoyed the class ,and it met my expectations for an introduction to Photoshop and learning the basics.  

 Dennis Kowaleski