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WPS Receives Trip Advisor Hall of Fame Award

BIG NEWS!   Washington Photo Safari has been Awarded Trip Advisor's coveted HALL OF FAME AWARD, given only to those businesses that received Trip Advisor Certificates of Excellence for at least FIVE YEARS IN A ROW!

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Composition: The Essence of Good Photography!

A snapshot is a picture taken without any thought or planning. The photographer aims the camera in the general direction of the subject and pushes the button. A photograph is taken by a person who makes a plan before pushing the button, a person who asks: 
"Why am I taking the picture? What am I trying to show? What is the point I am trying to make with this photo? Who is the client? What has the client asked me to do?" 

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“Seeing Red” in Your Photos

If you have a computer that uses Windows 10, you probably have noticed the login screen that appears when you first turn on your computer. It is a beautiful mountain and valley scene, punctuated in the lower left with a red backpack. Why is that
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Using Framing and Layering Techniques in Your Photos

On many of his safaris, WPS Director E. David Luria discusses techniques for drawing the viewer into your photo.  Two of the popular techniques to do that are framing and layering. But what exactly are framing and layering techniques? 

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City Paper’s annual Best of DC awards contest

We are pleased to announce that we are competing this year in City Paper's annual Best of DC awards contest under the category of Photography Services! (There is, unfortunately,  no category called Photography Instruction)

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I’m OK When You’re BOKEH!

"Bokeh" is a Japanese word meaning "blur", and in photography it is a great way to set off your foreground by blurring the background, as in the picture below.  It is especially good for portraits of people or pets or flowers because it isolates the main subject from the background.

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2017: A Year in Review

Thank you so much to all our clients for helping to make 2017 another exciting year for Washington Photo Safari!  Here are some of the highlights of our 19th year in operation:

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Holiday Activities in the DC Area

The DC area has a multitude of events and spectacular light displays scheduled during the 2017 Holiday are some of our favorites:

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David Luria Recommends Visages, Villages

David Luria's recommendation for a French film about the joy of photography and relationships - Visages, Villages

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Photographers Care: Benefit for the Victims of Hurricane Harvey

Once again we invite you to join us for another benefit photo safari, this time to raise money for the victims of Hurricane Harvey in the Houston region of Texas, and for any future victims in nearby Louisiana. Our previous benefits that we conducted over the past 8 years were most successful in generating over $25,000 for several natural disasters: the tsunami in Indonesia, Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, the earthquakes in Nepal, Japan and Haiti, and the damage to Washington National Cathedral. This time the damage is right  here in the States in the coastal and inland areas of southeastern Texas. Thousands of our fellow citizens have lost their homes and all their belongings, many remain without heat and power. In Houston alone, they estimate 20,00-40,000 people whose homes have been destroyed, and the rushing waters have created a lake the size of Lake Michigan!

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