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Camera Magic!

You are right behind the home base for your kid’s baseball game and want to get a shot as she swings at the ball. But there is a chain-link fence blocking your view!

You are at the zoo, and a beautiful leopard comes up and stares at you and your camera.. You would like to get a shot, but there is a chain-link fence in the way.

What do you do? You get out your Thrifty Nifty Fifty mm lens, put it right up on the chain link, open up the aperture to F-1.8 or, even better, F-1.4, and the entire chain link will disappear, even if the links cross right in front of your lens because of the lens’s extremely shallow depth of field of focus.

Don’t believe it? Put your hand in front of your face, spread the fingers wide and open your eyes REAL wide That’s the equivalent of a BIG lens aperture You can see right through your fingers! Now squint your eyes. You can now see your fingers. That’s the equivalent of a SMALL lens aperture! That’s optics!

Need more proof? Check out this baseball field shot done at F/16 with the ugly chain link fence in the foreground:

Chain link fence - Nifty Fifty lens

And here is the same shot done seconds later at F14, with the camera placed right on the fence and the lens manually focused on the background:

a castle on top of a grass covered field

See? No fence! That’s why we call that lens the Nifty Fifty! And the lens only costs about $180-$380, based on the aperture of the lens That’s why we call it the THRIFTY NIFTY FIFTY! Every photographer needs this lens for fast action shots, blurred backgrounds, and disappearing fences!

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