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Ideas for Summertime Photography

So many times when we go out with our cameras, we fall into the same old routine of how we photograph the world around us. Below is a series of ideas to help you break out of that same old routine and try something new the next time you go out with your camera this summer!

Add vibrant color

Colorful Umbrella, Atlantic Beach, NC

Color can be found everywhere – in nature, in architecture and social gatherings, to name a few! Add color and contrast for a memorable summer image.


Summer food

a close up of a flower

Photograph the kaleidoscope of fresh fruit or drinks at a summer outing.


Local events

Shenandoah County Fair Ferris Wheel

Local events like a carnival is the perfect place to capture vibrant lights and practice long exposures to create amazing light trails and abstract images. Try it with a tripod as well as hand-held.



Red Sunflower at Burnside Farms, Nokesville, VA

Flowers of every color grow in profusion during the summer, so take advantage of the opportunity to create abstracts, close ups or fields of flowers.


Use the sun to your advantage: Backlighting, Shadows and Silhouettes

Backlit Sunflower at Burnside Farms, Nokesville, VA

When you are out in bright summer sunlight, try using the sun as a backlight or create silhouettes by shooing into the sun and putting your subject in the shadow or just photographing the shadows cast by the bright sun.


Sunrises and Sunsets

Sunset over the Atlantic Ocean

The rising/setting sun creates a beautiful palette of colors in the sky and across a body of water. Hint: Under-exposing the image by 1/3 of a stop will enhance the colors!



Kayaker navigating the rapids on the Potomac River at Great Falls, VA

Try capturing an “action shot”! Use the continuous shooting mode, auto focus and a fast shutter speed as you track your subject.



Finding a Hero on the Vietnam Veterans Wall, Washington, DC

Capture scenes while you’re out enjoying summer activities.


All of these ideas and techniques can be used whenever you are out with your camera – in your neighborhood, on a day trip. or a vacation. Need help with learning how to do any of the techniques described in the ideas? Check out the WPS website for a safari that will help you learn it – and more..We cover it all!


Photos by Sherryl Belinsky

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