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What Does it Take to Become a Better Photographer?

Reflecting Pool at Sunrise

To become a better photographer, you need to take lots of photographs! As Henri Cartier Bresson said, “Your first ten thousand photographs are your worst.”

As with any skill, the more you practice, the more you improve. In photography, that means to go out with your camera and make images! Yes, concepts and techniques are important, but nothing beats looking through the viewfinder and creating the compositions. It doesn’t necessarily matter what you photograph – it is more that you go out with your camera, since using it regularly – like several hours every week – will help with improving your photography. Keep in mind that it takes time to achieve the look you envision, and sometimes it takes repeated effort to make that happen on a cosistent basis.

At a point in your photographic journey, you may need additional help in improving your images.

Do you think that your images lack something but you don’t know what it is? Could the composition or the technique used to create the image be improved? WPS is here to help by offering a photo critique of 10 images, which can be done over the phone!

Here’s how it works – Sign up for the critique, send WPS Director and Professional photographer E. David Luria 10 photos and then go over them together to see how they might be improved. This service is available starting June 1, 2023 through the rest of the year.

Sign up for your critique now!

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