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Improve Your Photography from the Comfort of Your Home!

Stuck at home? Who isn’t?! There are many ways to improve your photography even if you can’t (or don’t want to) leave your home. Here are several ideas to help relieve that “itchy trigger finger” due to not being able to push that shutter button!

• Photograph objects that you have at home, creating displays or still lifes. Just about everyone has a few mementos that have been collected over the years. They make great subjects! Find a window in your home that has good light and set up a small table top studio. You can get a small reflector or even just a white board to help to reflect light into your subject

• Practice macro photography – buy a “bunch” of colorful flowers and get in “low and close”, filling the frame with close-up images of the flowers.

a close up of a sunflower

• Learn new “studio” techniques – buy an inexpensive light pad and try high-key photography.

Feathers on a Lightpad
• Learn more about your camera – pull out the Owner’s Manual, and learn about those hidden features and functions and how to use them.

Camera manual page
• Read the WPS Guide for Amateur Photographers and practice some of the hundreds of tips and techniques described in the 130 pages, from 11 professional photographers in 29 different areas of photography, downloadable to your phone, tablet or laptop.

WPS Ebook on a tablet
• There are also an unbelievable number of training videos and interactive sessions via Zoom available, including ones from Washington Photo Safari! Here are 3 ways you can enjoy Washington Photo Safari services right from the comfort of your couch!

1) Virtual Photo Critiques, in which WPS Director E. David Luria spends an hour with you on the phone giving you suggestions on how you might improve the 10 images you have sent him !

2) Virtual Private Tutoring in which WPS Director spends 2 hours with you by phone explaining all aspects of photography, camera use, and composition, f stops, shutter speeds, ISO and white balance settings

3) Virtual Samsung Galaxy Phone Training in which WPS Director E. David Luria goes over all the features of your Galaxy S5,8,10,12, or 20 phone on Zoom so that you can see how much BETTER it is than an iPhone!

Of course, there are times when practicing the art of photography from your home just isn’t enough. If you need to get outdoors with your camera, WPS has many options available for outdoor photography on its website. The safaris meet in small groups of 6-8 people and Masking and Social Distancing Protocols are observed.

Have fun, and send WPS your photos – we’d love to see them!

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