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Story-Telling at the National Museum of American History

Story-Telling at the National Museum of American History

This Safari is specially designed for clients wishing to improve their photojournalism skills—taking pictures of people in ways that tell a story. 

Her face says it all:  “You can make me sit in a segregated part of this train, but you can’t break my spirit.” Her face is proud, resolute, her chin is held high, her lips are tight, her hands firmly clasped in her lap, as if to say:  “Someday, one day, we will be able to sit anywhere we want. I might not see it in my lifetime, but I know it will happen….”

She is a life-sized figure in the “America on the Move” exhibit at the Museum, and her face makes a GREAT story-telling image that you can learn to capture with your camera.

You’ll learn about composition, white balance, lenses, filters and how to cope with unique lighting situations without flash.  How do you use your equipment to capture exhibits, paintings, sculptures, dioramas and other works of art with the existing low light?  We’ll show you how to tell stories and make an impact.

Equipment Notes:

Cameras: Any will do, but best with ones having high ISO settings (1600 – 3200), adjustable shutter speeds & apertures

Lens Options:   

For low-light shooting without flash: 50mm F1.4 or F1.8 or 35mm F1.8     

Fast Telephoto (F2.8)

Wide-Angle (10-20mm) or Fish-Eye

No Tripods, No Flash