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New! City Center DC At Twilight

New! City Center DC At Twilight

True to our tradition of always taking you to the BEST places in town for pictures, we now introduce you to the new CityCenterDC complex in the heart of downtown DC, built upon the site of the old DC Convention center. 

It is now a beautiful collection of shops, restaurants, apartments and office buildings bisected by a center walking corridor  that will remind you of Rockefeller Center in New York! And – with water fountains, funny animals, cute kids running around , it is a GREAT venue for pictures!

As the leaves begin to fall and the temperature begins to drop, CityCenterDC has unveiled a never-before-seen installation, AutumnForest, over Palmer Alley, with thousands of autumn leaves suspended above the main retail transverse of the neighborhood, creating a warm harvest sky.against the deep blue of twilight: 5,975 branches and approximately 269,000 festive fall leaves are now seen casted over the corridor

On this 2-hour safari Washington Photo Safari Director E. David Luria will help you take low-light pictures without flash or tripod, achieving the right lighting, composition, and white balance  He will guide you also on proper lens use for each photo so that you will be better prepared for good street and people  photography in your future travels. Any camera will do, even smartphones, but for best results we recommend cameras with interchangeable lenses, a Manual Mode, and fast lenses like as 50mm F1.4 or F1.8 or a 35 mm F1.8