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NEW! Library of Congress Open House at the Main Reading Room

NEW! Library of Congress Open House at the Main Reading Room

The Jefferson Building of the Library of Congress is one of the most beautiful buildings in the nation’s capital, with its ornate interiors and grand staircases. Its gold-colored ceilings and arches, interspersed with statuary and paintings, are as magnificent as any structure you will find in Europe.

Twice each year, the Library of Congress opens its magnificent Main Reading Room to share information about how the public can access the Library’s resources year-round. The first open house of 2019 is  on President’s Day, and the second is on Columbus Day - and we will be allowed  to take photographs inside this most spectacular part of the Library of Congress!  Since this is one of the few days each year when they allow the public into this space, we want to give you a chance to see that whole venue from the ground up!

This is a very popular event, so in order to be among the first to enter the Reading Room when it opens at 10 am, we will need to be in line outside the entrance behind the Great Hall as early as possible. While we are standing in line, Washington Photo Safari founder E. David Luria will provide tips and techniques for interior architectural photography. We will concentrate first on the Reading Room and then move from the Reading Room to photograph the Great Hall and the Main Reading from above, looking down. We will then go outside and  photograph the building exterior with its statuary and fountains. Emphasis will be placed on composition and lighting. 

We will also get to photograph the multi-million dollar Stradivarius Violin, Viola and Cello  that are on display in one of the exhibit rooms during this safari.

Recommneded equipment: a wide angle lens, such as a 10-20mm for a cropped sensor camera, a 16-24 for a full frame camera, plus a telephoto to capture far-off architectural detail. No tripods! 

Limited to 10 participants. 

Meet at the Reading Room entrance behind the Great Hall, near the Gutenberg Bible display. The main entrance of the Library of Congress is located on First Street SE between Independence Ave SE and E. Capitol St. NE. Come early to get a good place in line!